Dear Integrative Health & Chiropractic Center:
"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for me and my family in just a few short months. For almost a year, I suffered from excruciating pain caused by a herniated disc that was pushing on my sciatica nerve. I sought several different treatments to try and alleviate the pain (orthopedic specialists, back specialists, cortisone epidural, acupuncture, even sleeping on the floor, etc.). A trip to the emergency room where severe pain killers only subsided the pain for an hour or so was the 'straw that broke the camel's back' so to speak. My wife (probably getting sick of doing the yard work) had done some research online and stumbled upon your practice. With quite a bit of persuasion, we arrived at my first appointment, but I was skeptical after other treatments seemed to only worsen my pain. After about 2 weeks (6 visits), I started to see a difference in my movements and the amount of pain I was in was lessening. Your combination of chiropractic adjustments, the traction machine and physical therapy has given me hope for the future. . . one with out surgery! The pain has subsided greatly and I routinely continue my physical therapy regiment, noticing I feel better all over and am in some of the best shape I have been in for quite some time. I know the road the recovery may take some time, but at one point doctors were telling me there was no road to recovery. I was told that surgery was the only way, this would very likely happen to me again and that I would be back a patient for life at the age of 34. Thank you for giving me hope for a future physical activity (yes, even yard work) and to be there for my young family!"

-Stephen Cusimano

"I had an elbow tendonitis problem. I went to two orthopedic doctors for treatment, but the problem persisted. I was then recommended to Dr. Brian Shuffler. After receiving two months of treatment consisting of electrical stimulation and chiropractic massage, my problem went away completely. The staff at Integrative Health was great, and they managed to schedule my appointments at a time convenient for my work schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Shuffler and his staff "

-Steve Karp

"Dr. Brian treats the entire body with options that work for you. I would recommend anyone who wants to correct their spine for their later years to look seriously at Integrative Health Chiropractic Center. "

-Joan Chain

"Dr. Kristina and Dr. Brian and their staff are amazing! I feel blessed to have been referred to their practice. I have gained more than just relief but restoration of issues that have been a challange for me off and on for 18 years. In conjunction with the adjustments I received, they have taught me many new stretching and strengthening techniques that I do on my own that have improved my overall flexibility. They are professional, a wealth of knowledge, kind and compassionate. I would strongly encourage anyone seeking chiropractic care to call Integrative Health first!! "

-Sarah Trueman

"My mom went into integrative health with severe sciatic pain to a point where she couldn't walk and could do any form of physical activity without pain. I haven't seen her in pain since she started seeing Drs Brian and Kristina. The therapy she is able to receive there helps her so much. She recommended that I tried chiropractic treatment with these Drs for my hips and I haven't complained of hip pain in months. They really do work wonders. If you have any kind of pain that is affecting your life I definitely recommend stopping in to see these amazing doctors. "

-Kaila Petrosino

"Great place and awesome people. They guide you through step by step instruction, always answer your questions, and keep you well informed. They'll also have you feeling way better in a matter of weeks!"

-Thomas McGrath

"I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Brian Shuffler and Dr. Kristina Shuffler for a couple months now and I got to say they are miracle workers! I used to get extreme pain in my neck from an ongoing sports related injury and after a couple adjustments I felt brand new! I've seen other Chiropractors before and they don't even compare to the level of treatment I have received here. They sat down and spent time with me to educate me on what was going on with my body and I really appreciated that! I was shown ways to strengthen weak areas of my body to feel good again and to prevent re-injuring myself. I even have brought my mother in to help her with her low back pain & sciatic nerve issues that she had to the point she could barely walk. After a few adjustments and rehab which she did there, she is out of pain and is able to work and swim laps in the pool everyday pain free! If you are in pain and want to feel good again I would definitely recommend coming here!"

-Zach Green

"A great experience from start to finish. You are greeted with a smile when your walk through the door by the friendly staff and everyone is extremely professional. But the most import part is the level of care that you receive, which is top notch. I can't thank Dr Shuffle enough for helping me to get healthy again!"

-John Mcsherry

"Dr. Brian Shuffler and his staff were great to work with. I have been a patient of Dr. Brian for quite some time now and I have nothing negative to say and only wonderful experiences to report. He knows what he is doing and does it with a smile! I highly recommend Integrative Health & Chiropractic Center!"

-Rami Bishay

" I recommend Integrative Health & Chiropractic Center care to my friends and family. Brian and Kristina have been able to ease my back and neck pain, as well as address any other pain I have had. They take the time to listen and provide individualized care. They truly care about their patients."

-Crystal Busch

" When I first came to Integrative Health, I could barely walk because I was in so much pain from a pinched sciatic nerve. I've been seeing Brian and Kristina for a little more than a month now. I can happily say I ran two miles yesterday pain-free!
Not only have they reduced my pain completely, they are working with me to help keep it that way. Everyone at Integrative Health is so friendly and caring! I couldn't be happier that I found them."

-Lindsey Allebach

" Wonderful is how I feel this morning. I have been a believer in the practice of chiropractic for over forty years. Recently I relocated to the West Chester area and needed to find a new chiropractic. My previous Dr. referred me to integrative Health. I took a plunge and instead of following my own idea of how I wanted to utilize the practice I listened to Dr. Brian and gave his suggestions a try. When I tell you I am amazed at how I feel I am only scratching the surface. My range of motion and lack of discomfort in my neck is unbelievable. Great job by all the staff. Thank you so much. "

-Janet Lynch

" Great team at Integrative health and Chiropractic. Drs. Shuffler really care about your health and suggest different things to help."

-Ron Ehman

" Totally professional yet totally family. Great care. Recommended most highly, without reservation."

-Ben Marcus

" I love this caring couple of doctors, I've been to quite a few chiropractors and this integrative approach and top of the line equipment made my experience awesome. They educated me too on what was happening and causing it. Due to tightness they put me on a machine and did a pre adjustment routine that made the muscles relax more. I have brought family here and highly recommend them to anyone in discomfort or anyone looking to advance their performance of their spine and nervous system!"

-Johnathan Lunger

" I have been going to Integrative Health for years now. Not only have the Doctors helped me through injury, but they have helped me through wellness as well. If you are hurt, or just wanted to feel better in general, you should definitely go to Integrative Health and Chiropractic Center. "

-Pamela Pastorino

" I was very impressed by Dr. Shuffler and his staff. They were on-time for my appointment. They did a complete examination to determine why I was having my issues. Once they determined the cause they explained everything to me. They gave me a history on chiropractic and what they could do to help. They made sure I was comfortable, checked repeatedly to see if I had any questions, and most importantly they got my buy-in at every step of the process. They made everything easy! They are all very friendly, and I would highly recommend them to anyone."

-Jeffery Gribben

" The staff at Integrative Health is always so helpful. They explain to me what will take place and what to expect. Dr. Shuffler always is interested in what is taking place with me and never rushes me. Truly a great group of people to work with. "

-Meg Eynon

"Wonderful experience beginning with severe limitations because of back pain to now looking forward to gardening - digging with ease. "

-Earl Brown

"Wonderful office, starting going there in a lot of pain almost in tears and now I am pain free with routine adjustments. Thank you "

-Kevin Matsanka


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